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  1. Torus definition is - a large molding of convex profile commonly occurring as the lowest molding in the base of a column. How to use torus in a sentence.
  2. Note: Area and volume formulas only work when the torus has a hole! Like a Cylinder. Volume: the volume is the same as if we "unfolded" a torus into a cylinder (of length 2πR): As we unfold it, what gets lost from the outer part of the torus is perfectly balanced by what gets gained in the inner part.
  3. Sep 10,  · An (ordinary) torus is a surface having genus one, and therefore possessing a single "hole" (left figure). The single-holed "ring" torus is known in older literature as an "anchor ring." It can be constructed from a rectangle by gluing both pairs of opposite edges together with no twists (right figure; Gardner , pp. ; Gray , pp. ).
  4. torus [tor´us] (L.) a swelling or bulging projection. torus mandibula´ris a prominence sometimes seen on the lingual aspect of the mandible at the base of its alveolar part. torus palati´nus a bony protuberance sometimes found on the hard palate at the junction of the intermaxillary suture and the transverse palatine suture. Miller-Keane Encyclopedia.
  5. Torus definition, a large convex molding, more or less semicircular in profile, commonly forming the lowest molding of the base of a column, directly above the plinth, sometimes occurring as one of a pair separated by a scotia and fillets. See more.
  6. Apr 08,  · A torus palatinus is a bony growth that develops on the roof of the mouth. These growths come in many different shapes, and they may be very small or quite large.
  7. Torus Foundation, our charitable arm, is a social entrepreneur working to upskill residents, break down barriers and unlock lasting potential. By blending self-help with hands on support, Torus Foundation is developing communities where people live, learn and earn.
  8. Torus Biosystems is disrupting infectious disease diagnostics and DNA/RNA-analysis through novel integration of microarray and qPCR technologies. Synestia rapidly delivers comprehensive insights by placing highly multiplexed data into context to help guide clinical interventions.

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