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  1. Synonyms for very sorry include deeply saddened, deeply regretful, extremely saddened, very regretful, extremely sorry and very sad. Find more similar words at mozethylgierapi.skipciaseiraitantilinasapanrige.co!
  2. Minnie says she's very sorry and sends her love. Minnie dice que lo siente mucho y te manda un abrazo. 2. (very repentant) a. muy arrepentido. Apparently, Joe is very sorry. I'm sure he didn't mean to do anybody any harm. Al parecer, Joe está muy arrepentido. Estoy seguro de que no era su intención perjudicar a nadie.
  3. Very Sorry synonyms. Top synonyms for very sorry (other words for very sorry) are really sorry, so sorry and very upset.
  4. Explanation of the English phrase "I'm very sorry": "I'm very sorry" is a very formal way to tell someone that you're sorry. Here's how it sounds in different situations: In a situation like the one above, it sounds polite. It's polite to use formal English with customers and people you don't know well. With close friends and family members, it can sound like you're angry if you use overly.
  5. I'm verry sorry Dear FutureMe, i did something terrible this week, and i hate myself for doing it, i'm depressed right now and i can't stop blaming myself for doing it some of you might wonder what did i do, or how bad is it i'm going to tell mozethylgierapi.skipciaseiraitantilinasapanrige.co i don't mind if you blame me too, i deserve to be blamed, this week someone i knew tried to harm her-self by breaking a window .
  6. Another word for sorry. Find more ways to say sorry, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at mozethylgierapi.skipciaseiraitantilinasapanrige.co, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
  7. I Am Very Sorry synonyms. Top synonyms for i am very sorry (other words for i am very sorry) are i am so sorry, i am sorry and am so sorry.
  8. Explanation of the English phrase "I'm really sorry, but (sentence)": This is a way to introduce an apology. It's good for use with friends, but also with people you're not as close with. It's used to apologize for something that's you feel a little bit bad about, but not for really serious mistakes. For a more serious situation, you would stretch out the apology longer.

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